Delivering circles of support and accountability to protect communities from sexual harm and sexual reoffending


Young People’s Services

Our Young People’s Service accepts referrals for young people aged between 10 and 20 who have displayed harmful sexual behaviour.

What is a Circle’s purpose?

A Circle is made up of a young person and a group of 3-4 specially trained community volunteers. The purpose of the Circle is to provide a supportive social network that enables purposeful reintegration into the community while managing the risk of further harmful sexual behaviour. The Circle will hold the young person to account, support positive progress and challenge the individual about inappropriate attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

Who is it for?

The young person doesn’t need to have been involved with the Criminal Justice System but should have had (or be engaging with) an intervention to address their harmful sexual behaviour. Though helpful, it is not essential for a young person to have taken full responsibility for their harmful sexual behaviour. However, the young person needs to accept at least partial responsibility for their HSB.

The Young People’s Service is divided into two parts:

Youth Service: young people aged 10 to 17

The Circle provides a supportive social network to reduce isolation and build self-confidence whilst helping with things like schoolwork, finding new hobbies and making age appropriate friendships and relationships. We welcome referrals from the Bristol Be Safe Service, social care and youth offending services.

Young Adults Service: young people aged 18 to 20

Circle volunteers encourage young people to talk about their lives and any worries they may have whilst providing practical support with issues like jobs, housing and age appropriate relationships. The Circle will help the young person to develop their self-confidence and social skills. We welcome referrals from social care, residential placements for young people with HSB, probation and police.

How does it work?

The Circle meets for an hour or so every week. Each Circle is tailored to the individual needs and risks of the young person. Initial meetings take place in a safe public venue such as a church or council building. Future meetings take place at cafés, sports venues and at other activities such as bowling or mini golf. Formal reviews involving professionals take place on a quarterly basis and Circles run for a period of 12 months.

Is it mandatory?

Circles are entirely voluntary and cannot be a condition of a community sentence or licence. The young person must want to stop engaging in harmful sexual behaviour and be willing for details of their harmful sexual behaviour to be shared with their Circle. They must be willing to meet every week with their Circle for a whole year.


Other work with Young People

From 2022, CSW will be accredited to deliver the Lucy Faithfull Foundation’s ‘Inform Young People’ programme across South West England. This is a programme for young people with concerning online sexual behaviour and their families. It addresses behaviours such as sexting or possession/distribution of indecent images of children, as well as risk-taking behaviours online, including viewing adult pornography. Further information here Inform Young People Programme | The Lucy Faithfull Foundation. Please direct any enquiries about this programme to

CSW has delivered bespoke classroom workshops with young people in secondary schools. Workshops cover issues including: sex and the law, consent, pornography, social media, sexual attitudes and behaviours.

Please read our latest report of our work in schools in 2021:

School Workshops ‘Sex & The Law’ Report

Please contact Jackie Citron (Young People’s Service Coordinator) on: 07584 629 442 or email: to discuss your specific requirements and request a quote


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