Delivering circles of support and accountability to protect communities from sexual harm and sexual reoffending


Volunteer Vacancies – We’re Recruiting Now

Circles South West is now recruiting new volunteers to join Circles of Support & Accountability across South West England.

Our Vision…
No More Victims of sexual abuse

Driven by an aspiration to prevent sexual abuse, Circles South West is a professional, forward-thinking independent charity, led by capable and committed people. Central to our delivery are carefully selected and trained volunteers who support, and hold to account, people who have sexually harmed others, helping them to safely integrate into local communities.

As a volunteer with Circles South West you will make an important contribution to preventing further sexual abuse by helping reduce the risk of re-offending by individuals who have sexually harmed, liaising closely with police and probation (adults), children’s social care and youth offending services (young people).

About Circles of Support and Accountability

Circles of Support and Accountability give ‘Core Members’ (an individual who has sexually harmed) a safe space to spend time with a small group of volunteers from their local community who have knowledge of their harmful behaviour and risk. Many Core Members experience profound social isolation, emotional loneliness and have limited social skills. The Circle provides the opportunity to develop an appropriate social network, improve communication skills, explore jobs, education and hobbies, and to have any distorted thinking challenged. In this way a Circle can help an individual increase confidence and self-esteem and enhance their safe and purposeful reintegration into the community. Each Circle runs for 12 months, meeting weekly.

We have adapted the model to provide Circles for people with intellectual disabilities. We have also extended the model to provide ‘prison-through-the-gate’ Circles that start 3-6 months pre-release when the volunteers meet the core member in prison and/or on release on temporary licence in the community, followed by 12 months on release into the community.

Circles for young people are primarily activity based in which volunteers work to model appropriate behaviour and good relationships to the young person as well as supporting them moving forward in their lives with hobbies and activities.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are adults of all ages, any gender and background and from all walks of life. They have a mature outlook, good communication skills and are able to combine an empathic approach with the ability to maintain firm boundaries. We do not require professional experience or previous experience as a volunteer. It is more important that you are committed, reliable and trustworthy.

To equip you for this role, you will be required to attend a two-day specialist training and assessment event with other prospective volunteers. You will be provided with ongoing professional support and reimbursed expenses. Your appointment will require satisfactory references and an Enhanced DBS Check.

Your Volunteering Experience

Recently published research about volunteering with Circles South West found that, of the 154 volunteers responding:

96% recommend volunteering with us
92% found their experience as a Circles Volunteer highly rewarding
99% felt well supported throughout their time volunteering
99% felt safe volunteering with Circles

“As an organisation, Circles South West is described as “supportive”, “friendly”, “professionally run”, “remarkably able”, “efficient” and “well organised”, with an important mission. It was felt to be making a difference. It is considered welcoming and inclusive with volunteers feeling appreciated and supportive” Research in Practice

Read the full report: CSW-RiP Evaluation Summary – Volunteers 2021

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