Delivering circles of support and accountability to protect communities from sexual harm and sexual reoffending


Stephen Ashton

Appointed April 2012

Stephen first came across Circles about ten years ago when visiting a man from his local church who had ended up in prison for sexual offending:

“I say ‘man’ because I can’t write, ‘friend’, because then you’d think I was sympathetic to what he’d done; nor can I write, ‘ex-friend’, because that wouldn’t be true either…I’m setting out to convey to you the sense of puzzlement I had as to how to respond! Needless to say, Circles of Support and Accountability provided what I have experienced as an astonishingly worthwhile approach to a seemingly intractable problem. As a consequence of that experience, I have served as an enthusiastic Circles volunteer for many years”.

Stephen brings to the Board considerable business experience and management skills gleaned over many years of involvement within the publishing industry. Before joining Circles South West he was an active Circle Volunteer in Thames Valley and therefore brings relevant volunteering experience from Circles of Support and Accountability.

Stephen has served as Vice-Chair; Chair (2013-2016); and most recently as Treasurer (2016-2017).

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