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‘Sex and the law’ workshops for young people

2021 saw a new initiative in a joint venture with Be Safe Bristol to deliver ‘sex and the law’ workshops to young people in schools.

In May 2021, a South West School contacted Circles South West requesting delivery of a series of educational workshops in relation to sex and the law for all boys in year 10. These workshops would cover issues such as pornography, sexual consent and online safety.

The request was prompted by reports made by a number of female students that boys in their year were engaging in comments and behaviours that were sexually inappropriate and/or abusive. Circles South West agreed to deliver the workshops in collaboration with the Bristol Be Safe Service.

In July 2021 Jackie Citron (Young People’s Service Coordinator) and Jonny Beavis (Assistant Psychologist with Be Safe Bristol) went into the school and delivered 4 x 1 hour workshops to year 10 boys over two days (two workshops per day).

Circles South West proposed a series of workshops – one for male students, one for female students and then a further session where all genders could come together at the end.  A workshop plan was drafted as follows:

  1. Introductions
  2. Sexual consent – what is it? / mindmaps
  3. Consequences of no consent (legal etc)
  4. Online safety / impact of social media
  5. Pornography – what is it? What are the risks?
  6. What you can do to support female students

The workshops were delivered in a drama room within the school and were supported by two members of school staff; the Head of House and the Well-being Worker. The boys were asked to complete a feedback form after each workshop and the staff were also invited to complete their own feedback to inform the development of future workshops and services.

The courses were well received by both the young people and education staff.

You can read the full report here:

School Workshops ‘Sex & The Law’ Report

Circles South West hopes to work together with more schools in the future.

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