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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Circles South West is committed to building on the already solid foundation of equity, diversity and inclusion that underpins our work.

This year we have been fortunate to access support from Lloyds Bank Foundation ‘Enhance Programme’ to further our equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) learning and planning for the future.

We were connected to Ngozi Lyn Cole, an EDI consultant, who has helped us develop our EDI strategy and review our existing policies. Perhaps most importantly, Ngozi has facilitated learning sessions for all our staff, trustees and volunteers, helping us explore what EDI means for us as a charity with the aim of continuously improving our understanding, approach and working practices.

In the first instance a working group of staff, volunteers and trustees were supported by Ngozi to determine our EDI vision, devise our strategy and set our goals.

When the Board of Trustees had approved the new EDI strategy, all volunteers, trustees and staff and were invited to the facilitated learning sessions. These sessions were incredibly thought-provoking and valuable – helping us to recognise our own personal journey and understand how this translates to Circles South West’s EDI values.

Our refreshed EDI policy is on the agenda for ratification at the next Board meeting, its aim being to ensure that EDI underpins everything we say and everything we do from hereon.

Circles South West is entirely committed to create an inclusive culture, which fosters belonging and respect, values and celebrates difference for all. We hope that in all of our actions we can ensure that we create a diverse, inclusive charity based on equity for everyone.


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