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Circles South West plan Dorset volunteer ‘get-together’

You may have read that we have received funding from the Dorset PCC to establish 3 new community circles in Dorset.

This has been very welcome news as Dorset was one of the original areas which fostered and promoted the work of Circles. Circles South West has always had a strong relationship with the statutory agencies in Dorset who supervise those who sexually offend and we hope to reinforce this, with the funding for new Circles. Most importantly, we have an amazing group of dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic volunteers, some of whom have been with us for many years.

We want to say a big thank you and have a catch up with them and so are proposing an informal meeting on Monday 18th February (details to follow but it will be late afternoon/ early evening).

If anyone is interested in joining our Dorset group of volunteers, you are very welcome to come along and find out more. Volunteering with Circles South West is an excellent way of doing your bit to prevent sexual harm as well as gaining experience for possible future careers.

To find out more just get in touch with Lucy via the contact form here or by email at or call us on 07738 947988.

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