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Circles South West Launch New Podcast

Circles South West are branching out to a new area of the media: podcasts.

Podcasts have surged in popularity in recent years with everyone from newscasters, entertainers and bloggers becoming involved. Subjects range from movies to politics to true crime – it is an easy way to reach lots of people who perhaps prefer audio entertainment or simply don’t have time to sit down to view television. Podcasts are a useful way of receiving information whilst on the move.

Our podcast is being spearheaded by our Gloucestershire coordinator, Sara Radford, who was inspired by the popularity of podcasts in the last few years and thought it would be a wonderful way of spreading the word about Circles South West and the work that we do.

Entitled ‘Interviews with CSW volunteers’, it will be hosted by Sara who will talk to two experienced circle volunteers.

She says: “It will give interested parties and prospective volunteers an insight into what motivates people to become a CSW volunteer. The podcast interviews are intended to enable honest reflection on the rewards and challenges of this complex volunteering role and, in this way, we hope that potential volunteers will have an additional, valuable source of information about the role.”

We hope that this podcast will be recorded and available on our website in the early part of next year and you will be able to access it on our news page initially. If we expand in the future there are hopes to have a dedicated page where you will be able to listen to them.

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