Delivering circles of support and accountability to protect communities from sexual harm and sexual reoffending


Circles South West celebrate a successful summer programme

Over the course of July and August Circles South West delivered two courses, designed for professionals, across five different events in Bristol, Plymouth and Bournemouth.

Over 50 delegates attended either the ‘Working with People Who Have Sexually Harmed’ training or ‘Living & Working In a Pornified World’ training. The courses were delivered by our experienced coordinators, each with a wide range of expertise and knowledge and was well received by all who attended.

‘Working with People Who Have Sexually Harmed’ was delivered in Bristol, Plymouth & Bournemouth and was a 6 hour course covering the impact of beliefs, attitudes and values in relation to people who have sexually harmed and how this can affect delegates, their clients and society. It also looked at defining sexual offending and harmful sexual behaviour and motivations for sexual offending.

Delegates said:

‘There was a good balance of interactive activities, thought-provoking discussion and knowledge’ ‘Very knowledgeable and engaging trainers’

‘A packed day – questions well answered, good focus on individuality and thoughts and feelings’

‘There was a good balance of interactive activities, thought-provoking discussion and knowledge. I really appreciated the first activity which required us to share our thoughts and feelings about people who sexually harmed. I also liked the geese theatre masks activity which I thought was a very helpful way to discuss the defences we can encounter when working with people.’

‘Learning about the process before a sexual offence is committed from contemplation to justification and planning before the act is carried out. It was useful to explore this concept using the case study and discuss the thoughts and actions that took place before the offence took place.’

‘Living & Working In A Pornified World’ was delivered in Bristol & Plymouth and was a 6 hour course covering the reality of pornography and the use of it in modern society. It also looked at the impact of pornography and cybersex on young people and adults, types of internet offenders and assessing those who present a risk of online harm.

Delegates said:

‘It opened my eyes to how porn can have an effect on a young person’s well-being and sexual function, how there is a direct link to porn and offending got me thinking about the damage porn can do.’

‘The first four stated outcomes were well covered and contributed to my education on the subject, albeit rather shocking and disturbing at intervals. It is encouraging to know that an organisation like Circles exists to work with such offenders.’

‘A good discussion about the prevalence and impact of pornography and how this is a serious public health issue’

We were so pleased to welcome so many to what was our inaugural summer of training events and we hope to expand this next year with more informative courses to run alongside our regular development training we provide for volunteers.

We welcome enquiries from charities and businesses alike who are interested in bespoke training – contact us here to find out what we can offer.

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