Delivering circles of support and accountability to protect communities from sexual harm and sexual reoffending


Prison / Through the Gate Circles

Our ‘Through the Gate’ initiative begins before the core member’s release, with the Circle meeting with them whilst in custody. This could be by way of meetings held in the prison or in the community during periods of temporary release. This helps ease the challenges of returning to the community and helps the core member plan and manage life safely as they resettle.

Once released from prison the Circle mimics the Community Circle with volunteers meeting with the core member in the community. Through the Gate Circles bring their challenges with organisation, as we may not know where the core member is to be released initially and our coordinators work hard to marry up suitable volunteers and core members.

Through the Gate Circles typically run for 18 months, with the core member receiving meetings for approx. 6 months in prison followed by a period of 12 months in the community.

Volunteers will be subject to extra security checks imposed by the prison as well as the Enhanced DBS we require for every volunteer. There will be further training also required. For this project you must have your own transport and be willing to travel.

It is the most intense of our Circles but allows volunteers to really follow the journey of the core member and make a real impact on their lives and those of the community.

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