Delivering circles of support and accountability to protect communities from sexual harm and sexual reoffending


Circles for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Circles for people with intellectual disabilities (ID) are for adults with mild or borderline learning disabilities who have a history of harmful sexual behaviour.  Core Members with ID may have similar needs to other adults convicted of sexual offences; they may suffer from social isolation, emotional loneliness and experience difficulties accessing services. A Circle of Support and Accountability provides a valuable, additional tool for statutory services to support and hold to account an individual to prevent further sexual harm.

As a volunteer in an ID Circle, you can help the Core Member build and sustain relationships, develop a positive identity, increase self-worth and learn socially acceptable behaviour so they can integrate safely into their community. In addition you can assist with practical issues such as appointments, skills development and constructive use of time.

ID Circles may be more activity based, depending on your Core Member and volunteers should have a patient manner but still be able to set firm boundaries.



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