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Circles South West welcome guest trainer Matthew Trerise on Autism

Circles South West is committed to the continuous development of our volunteers and as such we run regular training for current volunteers.

We were delighted to welcome Matthew Trerise, a specialist trainer with 15 years of experience in supporting people with Autism Spectrum Conditions. He currently works for a nationally recognised specialist diagnostic service, delivering training and clinical supervision to frontline staff across the care pathway.

24 volunteers from around the south west joined us in Taunton on 28th September 2019 for ‘An Introduction to Autism’. Topics included:

· Asperger syndrome and how this relates to autism.

· Effective communication.

· Theory of mind.

· Executive functioning.

· Central coherence.

· Sensory issues.

· Social inclusion.

· Service issues.

Matt took us through each topic, backed up with stories of his own experiences to help volunteers understand autism better but more importantly how to work with anyone with an autism spectrum condition. Some of our core members, even those not considered living with autism, may benefit from the communication techniques covered in this presentation.

The day was a brilliant success with volunteers praising Matt’s presentation with one even commenting that it ‘was the best training I’ve ever attended’. We hope to invite Matthew back again in the future and would urge those volunteers who weren’t able to attend to look out for this; it’s a subject that lends well to circles and to life in general and with such a dymanic presenter it makes the subject even more interesting.

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